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Welcome to Stacked Glass Art

Stacked Glass Art is the leader in the design and production of handcrafted stacked glass sculptures.

The primary aspects of each piece include the original stacked glass design in vertical or horizontal positions depending on the piece. While some items are only made with clear glass, other colors of glass are used to enhance other designs such as blue glass dolphins, black and clear glass striped zebras, green cacti, or blue and green glass angelfish.

While some of the pieces are created entirely with glass, others feature variegated colored marble or granite bases, and additional details such as hand cut brass tops as seen on our palm trees and pineapples. The brass is finished with a green/brown patina and given a glossy polish that adds an elegant touch to each piece.

 The marble or granite bases come in random shaped contours or smooth rectangular polished sides. Variegated colors in these bases come in light to dark color variations. Some pieces are designed with this in mind for the best contrast while with other pieces you have more of a choice of color preference.

Something for Everyone!


We offer a wide variety of skillfully fashioned decorative and collectible handcrafted items in our original design gallery. Each item is created by artist Loren Miller himself who adds small touches as he sees fit when creating each piece. This makes each piece a unique work of art. No two items are exactly alike!

Great Gift Ideas


Our items are reasonably priced and make great gifts for any occasion! If you need a wedding gift, consider our set of three tiered clear glass candle holders. Each is made by sprialling the glass as it is stacked which creates a very appealing sparkling effect as you walk passed the candle holders.


Newest Design Ideas

New product lines are offered each time Loren gets a new idea! His most recent inspirations include the Tropical Breeze Collection featuring crossed palm trees as seen here. Various items are used as add-ons for such items as business card holders and picture frames with varying stacked glass figures on each piece. Other new designs include crosses in a religious theme and alligators for those fanatic Florida Gator fans!

Different Sizes

Most items in Loren’s collections come in various sizes from small to large and some even extra large. This makes our items more affordable for everyone!

Other items are one set size as they are more in the specialty category. These include most of our “Wild Kingdom” category such as the zebra, elephant, angelfish, and dolphins. However, we do offer these items in various colors of glass.


Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Home Page”

  • Ty Johnson says:

    I love these little works of art, the pineapples and palm trees are awesome!

    • admin says:

      Glad you love them. Sounds like you live somewhere beachy, Ty! Some are not so little though. Loren has made palm trees as high as four feet tall that are in the offices at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jacksonville, FL. Unfortunately, we can’t ship items that big. But it is beautiful!

  • Nadya says:

    Such cute and inspiring decorations! Would definitely love one to decorate my home

  • Cindy Jane Stone says:

    awesome art, I like it a lot.

  • Renni says:

    I am the proud owner of a few Stacked Glass Art pieces and they fit beautifully in my home and office. I am particularly fond of the palm tree displays and business card holders. I also buy stacked glass pineapples for anyone I know who has moved into a new home, and since the holidays are coming, I plan to get some more to give as gifts to people I know who will love them. I am so glad I found stacked glass art.

  • Riverside Dental says:

    We received a lovely stacked glass Christmas tree as a gift. We absolutely love it! A very timeless gift and piece to have around for years to come.

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We did it!

Stacked Glass Art is proud to announce that our work was accepted in a juried glass art show conducted by New Art Review. Our work is now showing in their latest publication titled Addicted to Glass. Check it out at http://www.new-art-review.com/about.html. All publications can be found in their bookstore as well.